Now we all know Rodial’s products come with a hefty price tag and sit at the most luxury end of the market, but would this £150-a-jar moisturiser really give the right results?

This moisturiser is from Rodial’s Bee Venom range, primarily aimed at women aged 50-59 with skin suffering from the effects of the menopause.

And yes, this moisturiser really does give the right results!

After just one use all testers found a significant improvement in skin tone and texture, many noticed a plumped and less slack feel to skin too.

While  aimed at women aged 50+, women of younger ages suffering from hormonal imbalance after pregnancy, or during times of stress and illness, also found visible results from using this.

Rodial’s Bee Venom Moisturiser offers a real confidence boost in a jar at what can be a stressful time for most women.

The only downside is the price – but look out for offers from Rodial.

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