Nelson’s Pure & Clear Purifying Daily Facial Wash

We came across Nelson’s Pure & Clear range completely by accident whilst looking for essential oils… in our local Boots the range was not with the skincare, but in the homeopathy section.

Being a fan of homeopathic remedies we immediately picked up the Facial Wash (bonus being it was on a 3 for 2 offer along with all the supplements and herbal remedies!).

With Tea Tree, Arnica, Hypericum and Calendula we thought it would this would stink! But no, it is very refreshing and clean-scented and quite comforting to use.

It is a watery gel – you do not need much water to massage it into skin – and it rinses away to leave the skin feel refreshed and, most importantly, clean!  Some testers found they didn’t need to use a toner afterwards, that their skin didn’t need additional cleansing or balancing.

For those with oily skin they found it balanced their skin very well, while those with drier skin found it did leave their skin a little dry, but not as much as some other more astringent face washes.

Every tester found an improvement in their skin, most after just a few days and all most definitely by the time they finished the tube – spots and pimples were calmed and for those with redness it was much reduced.

If you suffer from spots and blemishes, even acne, we would recommend giving this a try in place of astringent products such as Oxy or Clean&Clear – Nelson’s are very much focussed on gentle, healing skincare which will help balance your skin, rather than stripping everything away.

Available from:
Holland & Barrett

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