Now hair removal can be a messy business, not to mention painful!! Yet we all endure the mess and pain in the hope we’ll be hair-free for as long as possible.

For me, epilators are quite scary, so while I was excited to try this new product from Braun I was a little worried too!

The packaging and product both look fab – the packaging is fun (and pink!) which puts you at ease to a degree. The epilator itself looks chunky, but is actually very comfortable to hold and the glittery case is a nice touch. It comes with various ‘heads’ and attachments in a little silver mesh bag. I was so excited to get started, but I couldn’t get going straightway as it only comes with a shaver plug which we don’t have a socket for in our house… none of the shops in our little town had an adapter in stock, but then I remembered my electric toothbrush had the same plug!! So…

I started with my legs – I’ve had epilators in the past, but also go back to shaving because they take so long to get a smooth finish. This one is much quicker to use and surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as I remembered from past epilators I’d used. The Silk-épil removes more hairs in one sweep and although you need go back over a couple of times it takes about the same amount of time as it would to shave. One area that particularly impressed me was around the knees – where I usually cut myself with a razor! The Silk-épil glides around the knees and removes hair very well. On legs I don’t think I’ll go back to shaving.

Bikini line – usually ouch! With the Silk-épil it’s not too bad – honest! – although more tender areas are very difficult pain-wise! There are a couple of attachments that can help and it is worth finding the right attachment for you and your pain threshold.

Underarms, believe it or not, I find more painful than bikini line. I struggled here! If you can bear it (which I did, but only for this review – not sure I’ll dare again!) it gives a very smooth finish. It’s better on short hair, so wise to use the shaver attachment before the epilator.

A couple of things to be aware of…

The first is that epilation does hurt! Like waxing it’s best to pick the right time – avoid just before and during your period if you can.

Rashes – again like waxing, most people will get blotchy and a slight rash, so don’t epilate just before you’re about to go out. I found that blotchiness and redness went down after about 2-3 hours. If you’re prone to it then have a cream or gel on hand to help ease it.

The Silk-épil comes with a pack of Pre-Epilation Wipes by Olay. They supposedly cool and soften skin, helping to reduce the pain factor during epilation, but I didn’t notice much difference really – they certainly didn’t reduce pain and although they softened skin I don’t think they do enough for your skin. Applying a sensitive body lotion afterwards worked much better.

Overall I was impressed with the Silk-épil Xpressive – I will definitely use it for legs (and I do think it is worth having an epilator just for legs), but I doubt I’ll use it for underarms and bikini line.

All the attachments are useful, though I’ll probably only use two or three. It was annoying that it only comes with a shaver plug, we would have liked a three-pin or an adapter included.

For product information see the Braun website

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