A nail strengthener to solve all nail problems from splitting, peeling, brittleness, etc. This is the matte formula of OPI’s original Nail Envy. It is excellent if you don’t like over-shiny nails or shouldn’t wear make-up, so great for men and health care workers.

It is a treatment, so there is a weekly course of applications which are repeated each week until you are happy with your nails, however you can continue to use it as a regular application to maintain strong nails.

The full size product is 15ml, though some kits contain 3.75ml travel sizes.

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HQ Hair
Jason Shankey
Lena White

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One thought on “OPI Matte Nail Envy

  1. Nail envy is one of the best nail strengtheners on the market today. Great for men as its non shiny but great as a base for nail polish also. Used on its own as a treatment, my clients see results after just one week! Highly recommend this product.

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