Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Pink

I have to admit, i am a huge fan of Barry M products, so when i wanted a nice summery pink colour, their nail varnishes were the first ones i went to.

The bright pink nail varnish is exactly as its name says – bright pink. At only £2.89, i decided it was a bargain and bought it there and then.

I got home and excitedly started painting my nails. The first thing i notice, as with all of their nail paints that i have tried so far (which has to be about 10-15 of them), the colour goes on nicely, and even with only one coat it is quite bright. I left it to dry and within 5-10 minutes it was completely dry. I put on another coat, and after that dried, i was done.

The colour stayed on without chipping for a good few days, and remained looking bright and funky.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear nail varnish for school, so after having it on for the last week or so of the holidays, i went to remove it. This is where a small problem occurred. The nail varnish came off my nails relatively easily, however it did leave a pink stain (i have noticed this in a few of the nail varnishes – particularly the bright yellow). This was my own fault, admittedly. It does clearly state on the back of the bottle that it is necessary to apply a basecoat before use, to stop things like this happening.

Overall, as long as you apply a basecoat (Barry M also does a 3 in one base coat, top coat, and nail hardner for around £2.89), i highly recommend this product, and all of Barry M’s nail paints, as they have a variety of bright, matte, shiny, glittery, pretty much all types of nail varnish you can think of! (And they’re a bargain, too!)

(review by jemmysaur)

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