Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo Foam

Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo
Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo – Strawberry

For lazy days and travel a dry shampoo is something we often reach for, so how about a towel off shampoo?

Waterless Ltd very kindly sent us their strawberry-scented Towel Off Shampoo Foam, part of their Zerreau Beauty range – the company specialises in all sorts of innovative personal care products that can be used without water.

With dry shampoos, hair rarely feels clean, just looks it!  So towel-off shampoo must get us a step closer to cleaner-feeling hair…

A generous pump-action bottle creates a nice light foam which you massage into your hair, especially at the roots – while it’s still soapy you towel-dry your hair which lifts out grease and dirt.

The first time we used it it was an odd experience, mainly because you are soaping up what would normally be wet hair, plus you’re towel-drying soapy hair – it seemed a little topsy-turvy!

But we were quite impressed with the results – the dried hair result was a much cleaner feel than a dry shampoo as hair didn’t feel so clogged up, the scalp felt much cleaner too.

On long hair the results were a little more difficult to achieve – towel-drying to lift the dirt out was tricky, but despite that hair felt good.   It works best of all on short hair, so much so that Kerry has pinched what’s left of our sample bottle for camping this weekend!

Overall, short haired campers and travellers will love this, probably more so than a dry shampoo, but for those with long hair it may take a few tries to get the towel-off knack.

We’d also recommend this for those with mobility problems who struggle to wash their hair in the bath, shower or sink.

Available from Waterless’ Nilaqua Online Shop (also available in Apple)

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3 thoughts on “Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo Foam

  1. Just read the blog this morning and I am amazed, went to the website and watched the video’s and reviews. I am now going to take some to glasto. Can’t wait to actually have a lie in, instead of getting up early to queue for showers. Thank you for sharing and saving my sleep!! xoxo

  2. This is a VERY nice product regardless of whether you use it for quick clean hair or if you are unable at times as I am, to wash my hair. I have RA and at times it is impossible for me to take a shower or get up! This works beautifully making my very fine hair easy to manage, shiny and clean. I recommend it highly.

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