Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau de Parfum

We were treated to a sample of this in our September Glossybox.

Our first thought was ‘not another celeb fragrance’ and wrinkled noses all round with disappointment. BUT……

We like it!  It’s not really got a wow factor as such, but it’s a very pleasant floral fragrance that’ll see you from day to night.

Some of the blurb is a bit OTT… “tears of Belladonna, crushed heart of Tiger Orchidea, pulverised Apricot” … you get the picture!

The florals are very noticeable and the apricot comes through too… there’s a delicate sweet spice edge to it too.

The bottle is striking in black and gold, very glam for the dressing table.

Overall, it’s one we’d happily wear, but not one we’d hanker for.

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