Beauty Reviews Baby
Baby arrived at the beginning of December…

I regret to say that beautyreviews took a back seat in 2015 when I found out I was pregnant(!)… it was quite overwhelming and unexpected and my intentions to blog more regularly went straight out the window!

Baby is now 6 weeks old and family life is settling down for us a little bit – it has been quite a whirlwind and recovery from a c-section has been hard whilst getting to grips with motherhood at the same time!

Luckily beauty does mix with baby! Something I found key to keeping sane in the early days after his birth was to make sure I ‘did my face’… and I mean the works, not just a swish of face wash and a slather of cream.

My best days were when I continued my full skincare regime and wore a full face of make-up – days when I lapsed I felt awful and grumpy, so now I make sure I get up, dressed and made up to make sure I start the day well, whether that’s 8am or  2pm!

So now, between baby needs and other bits that consume day-to-day life, beautyreviews will be back more often 🙂

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