Tisserand to rebrand its aromatherapy range

Tisserand Aromatherapy, a specialist in aromatherapy, essential oils and personal care products, announces it is rebranding starting with its convenience aromatherapy range. The ‘aromatherapy on the move’ line of products includes its popular aromatherapy roller balls, roller ball kits, regime kits and oils for bath, body and massage.

As part of its rebrand Tisserand will be redesigning its packaging to provide a more distinctive look which is easy to identify and to reinforce its key messages of ‘Caring Naturally’ and ‘It’s what’s inside’.

As established aromatherapy experts Tisserand created a convenience range to make aromatherapy accessible to all and the roller balls have been particularly successful with one selling every two minutes in the UK.

The roller balls provide a simple aromatherapy product in a convenient format which can be used on the move or easily carried in a bag. As with traditional aromatherapy the roller balls use aroma, to stimulate subtle changes in mood and feelings via a sense of smell, and by massaging the blends into pulse points, forehead or neck, tiny amounts of essential oils pass through the skin into the bloodstream to provide physical benefits.

The aromatherapy roller balls are available in seven essential oil blends of Sweet Dreams, De-Stress, Energy, Head Clear, Focus, Travel and Diet Aid with a new blend for winter launching soon.

The Sweet Dreams blend combines lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang to help switch off stressed minds and relax the body. Also popular is the De-Stress blend which contains orange, rose and nutmeg to combat feelings of stress caused by work, major life events, illness, financial pressures or family and relationship worries.

“We love the rollerballs here at Beauty Reviews,” said editor, Lisa Batty. “Our favourite is De-Stress and we’re really excited about the new blend coming this winter.”

The convenience aromatherapy range also includes two skin treatment essential roller balls in Lavender with Chamomile, to comfort and soothe red, blotchy or itchy skin, and Tea Tree with Grapefruit, to purify and soothe oily, congested or blemish-prone skin.

For those wishing to try a selection of blends Tisserand offers an ‘Urban Survival’ and ‘Travel’ Kit each containing three roller balls. There are also three regime kits available in Sweet Dreams, De-Stress and Energy containing a bath oil, aromatherapy roller ball and a body oil.

Also included in the convenience range is Tisserand’s selection of massage oils containing hand blended oils used by professional therapists available in Energy, De-Stress, Muscle Ease and Detox.

‘It’s exciting to see Tisserand’s new rebranding, it reinforces the presence of the brand as a long term key player in the natural skincare market,” said Jennie Harding, Tiserrand’s technical advisor. “With our 30 year roots in aromatherapy and our established heritage as one of the world’s most experienced suppliers and blenders of essential oils, our products stand out because of the quality of their formulations and ingredients, designed to give the customer an experience of real aromatherapy.”

Tisserand Aromatherapy will announce the next stage of its rebrand later in 2012.

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