Malibu Sun Spray Lotion SPF15 (Continuous Spray)

Malibu Sun Spray SPF15
Malibu Sun Spray SPF15

It’s officially summer now that we have lovely sunny days and with the scramble for sun care products!

We’ve been trying out Malibu’s new continuous spray can of SPF15 lotion… it’s a lovely light lotion which is easily absorbed into the skin, keeping skin soft and healthy-looking like a body lotion. It’s not at all greasy and is a great choice for everyday sun protection.

The combination of a light lotion and spray can seems to make the product go further and the continuous spray is great – it makes it quick and easy to apply all over the body and the bottle is designed so that it can be sprayed at any angle. The only downside is that the can does get a bit slippy and we did drop it a few times, but that tends to happen with most bottles of sun lotion.

The scent is ok… it’s a typical holiday sun lotion fragrance, certainly nothing offensive!

Definitely avoid the eyes, actually we’d suggest an alternative product for face as it really does sting eyes, even if you’re trying to avoid them!

Overall, a good value product (RRP £7.99 for 175ml) – the continuous spray is also available in SPF10 and SPF30.

As with all sun protection products, please ensure you re-apply regularly and after swimming – check the product instructions.

Available from:
Malibu Sun Online Shop

Original post: 23 May 2012
Updated: 31 May 2014

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