Soltan Once lotion is a sun protection cream which allows one application to last up to 6 hours, with up to 40 minutes swimming.

We jumped at the chance to try this product – what could be better than only having to apply sun lotion every 6 hours? Sadly we were to be disappointed. Despite following in instructions we burnt after 2-3 hours and it barely protected us in the water.

In addition to that the lotion is sticky and uncomfortable, even after the recommended waiting time after application, and later we found that it stained some of our clothes quite badly.

Available in SPF15, SPF30 & SPF40.


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One thought on “Boots Soltan Once Lotion

  1. We have used Soltan Once for several years and it does everything that they claim it will.We are just back from 3 weeks in Goa and we did not burn at all(except where we had inadvertently missed applying the lotion).
    It is very effective even after going in the sea.
    I can only suggest that the dissatisfied users did not apply the cream properly.
    Of course if it comes into contact with clothing any oils or cream will leave their mark.I just wish that it was available in SPF 8

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