Almay’s new fake tan comes in a satiny bronze 85g aerosol promising ‘flawless-looking legs instantly’. Clearly, this is NOT your classic time-delay bronzer but a make-up for your legs and I must confess, as a ‘genuine’ tan devotee (Factor 15 minimum, guys!) I’m intrigued to see how this measures up. The product claims to offer transfer resistant colour which can help to hide minor skin imperfections such as freckles and veins, while nourishing skin with its Vitamin E enriched formula. It is ‘hypoallergenic’ and ‘good for sensitive skin’.

Packaging / Dispensing:
Despite my eco-qualms, I was pleased to see an aersol product, assuming that I could simply spray it onto my legs the way that I’d spray a foundation (e.g. DiorSkin AirFlash) on my face. But don’t get excited, ladies, I’m not sure what the point of the aerosol is, except to fool us into thinking that this is something it’s not: the instructions say to ‘spray directly into hand’ then ‘blend evenly’ onto skin. Now perhaps I’m missing something, but I’m fairly sure I could have squeezed some of the product from a tube or liquid dispenser into my hand just as efficiently as spraying it, and without the guilt of pumping more pollutants into the atmosphere.

It’s hard to judge how much to spray into your hand at first, particularly when the product begins to dry almost as soon as it has been sprayed. Transfer onto skin is slightly odd because although the product can be spread a bit, it feels dense and dry – not at all like the time-delay fake tans that I’ve used in the past. Several applications were required to attain a visible difference in skin colour, though this might differ for very pale-skinned consumers.

The finish on this product was very matte: almost exactly like wearing a heavy-grade foundation on my legs. The result was clogged, unnatural-feeling skin, which is not at all what I want when I’m on my way out to enjoy the great British summer!

The Verdict: 6/10
If you tan easily, or have olive skin, I wouldn’t bother with this, except in an absolute emergency.
If you have pale skin, this product will reduce the appearance of freckles, veins etc. but don’t expect it to give you a tan, so much as a hint of sunshine.

Warning: Over-do the application and your legs will look like pancakes!

(Review by CJ)

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