urbanveda Radiance Daily Facial Wash

Radiance Daily Facial Wash
urbanveda Radiance Daily Facial Wash with turmeric, but it’s not yellow 😉

urbanveda is a new skincare range based on the principles of Ayurveda, traditional medicine from India and we were delighted to find a generous sample of their Radiance Daily Facial Wash in our August GlossyBox

The first thing you read on the tube is ‘Turmeric’… hmmm, but doesn’t that dye everything yellow?!!

So naturally we expected the wash to be bright yellow – it wasn’t, phew!  It is in fact a very clear pure liquid-gel, it looks cleansing and healthy from the off and the consistency as you lather it up feels very luxurious.

The scent is what hits you – it is so fragrant, a very floral heady scent which is beautiful but does seem a little too fragrant for a face wash.  As a body product the fragrance hit would be perfect, but for the face it seemed a little too much.

That said, the product was a super-effective cleanser.  It’s gentle and soothing which surprised us given the scent, and over the week skin tone did seem to be improved with dry patches starting to disappear.

For those with high-colour or those who have imbalanced skin tone the initial couple of days may increase redness slightly or look patchy, but our tester stuck with it and has noticed a big difference after a week – her skin is much more even and it is more of a glow than what was previously looking sore.

At £7.99 for 150ml we felt this was a very reasonable price.

Available from urbanveda

urbanveda’s products are certified by the Vegetarian Society, with most suitable for vegans. They do not use animal-derived ingredients, except cruelty-free natural honey or beeswax. Read more about urbanveda’s principles at: www.urbanveda.co.uk/our-philosophy


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