Sapooni Cornish Seaweed Soap
Our package from Sapooni – their fabulous detoxifying Cornish Seaweed Soap with hand-harvested seaweed from the Cornish coast.

Sapooni – a family-run business in Cornwall creating soaps, skincare and candles – have recently launched a new product in their range of handmade soaps.

Their Cornish Seaweed Soap is packed with locally-harvested seaweed, which is known for it’s detoxifying and toning properties.

Added to the soap’s base of olive oil and coconut oil are seaweeds including Bladderwrack, Kombu, Dulce, Nori and Sea Lettuce, nourishing shea butter, soothing Aloe Vera and exfoliating pumice, together with a lovely blend of essential oils which make this soap suitable for all.

We received our package through the post and the scent was fabulous – a herby, refreshing fragrance which we were sniffing all day!

When we unwrapped a bar and started to use it the quality was instantly obvious – it gives a rich, creamy lather which cleanses brilliantly yet leaves hands feeling soft and cared for.

For body it is great too, especially for dry skin as it leaves skin looking toned and healthy and feeling soft and moisturised – we love it on thighs and upper arms!

For face it is perfectly usable, but with the exfoliating ingredients it’s perhaps not one for every day. Some of us with oily or combination skin found it a little too richly moisturising, and it’s a bit much for faces with sensitive skin.

All-in-all a fabulous bar of soap – the toning benefits are clear to see and the moisturising ingredients make it the perfect hand soap, even for gardeners.

At £3.75 for a chunky 90g bar it is excellent value for money, it’s a bar that’ll last well and stands up to being on a wet sink-side.

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