Raisin Face Skin Fix Concentrate
Raisin Face Skin Fix Concentrate

It’s always so much fun to find out about not only a product you haven’t heard of but also a brand.

We were introduced to Raisin Face by owner Tracy – her passion for the product is contagious and we got very excited when our pot of Skin Fix arrived!

Packaging is simple and straightforward, but the careful balance of quality and effective ingredients really stands out.

On first use we weren’t sure we were going to enjoy the product, but we soon learned we were putting far too much on!!  The cream is thick and rich – all you really need is a small amount, warmed slightly in the hand to ease application, for your whole face.

The ingredients list starts with Aloe Vera, known for it’s soothing and moisturising qualities, and then Emu Oil… this is the first product we’d tried with Emu Oil, which helps other vitamins and nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin.  Raisin Face Skin Fix Concentrate has 18% Emu Oil – very high quantities compared to similar products.  In addition, the cream contains anti-aging ingredients, and shea butter, jojoba oil and green tea extract.

After almost two weeks’ use, we have found such an improvement to skin tone and a noticeable ‘plumped’ look to skin… “Even better have been the comments of how nice skin looks and how healthy I look.” says Beauty Reviews editor Lisa.

Even those with sensitive skin who usually steer clear of anti-aging creams have found benefits, this is a good anti-aging product to try if you usually break-out or suffer redness when using other creams (do try a patch test though).

It’s great for hands too – we’d love to see a hand and body lotion from Raisin Face!

Although based in the US, Raisin Face also ships to many customers in the UK with very fair shipping costs – this makes the product a very cost-effective anti-aging solution and overall we think this is a fabulous cream if you’re looking for healthy skin and to combat wrinkles.

Visit Raisin Face for more details.

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2 thoughts on “Raisin Face Skin Fix Concentrate

  1. I had the chance to read your review on my favorite product. . .Raisin Face is the most remarkable find I’ve ever come across. As the review states simple and straightforward. It has been the only face cream I’ve used for 3 years now and I can’t believe the results, I’ll never go back the high priced-water packed face creams again. I’m in my 50’s and my skin looks great.

    Do yourself a favor and try Raisin Face, this Wisconsin based product is an all around winner, bonus point for being so reasonable for the price.

  2. Raisin Face is incredible. I used to pay hundreds of dollars on skinceuticals and stopped all of it! I still use rentinol cream twice a week at night but I use Raisin Face to remove my eye make up then reapply all over my face after washing. It is unbelievable stuff.

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