The ibeba brand is newly launched and offers high quality skincare naturally derived from plant and fruit enzymes.

The DNA Repair Cell Serum promises to repair and promote cell renewal, inhibit melanin production, accelerate skin brightness and reduce age spots and pigmentation.

Added to our beauty regime as a treatment after cleansing and toning and before moisturising, the serum applies easily – you need a bit less than a full pump for face, but a full pump will be plenty for face, neck and décolleté.  As with most serums you need to allow a little time before applying your moisturiser – with ibeba, the serum settles quickly and dries to a smooth healthy-looking finish.

Treatment products take time to see real results, but even after just 10 days of trialling the Repair Cell Serum we noticed improved skin texture and more radiant skin. While we did not notice improvement to pigmentation, 10 days is too short a timeframe to see such results – we’ll keep testing!

Some very sensitive skins saw a little reaction resulting in redness, so if you do suffer sensitive skin we recommend testing a small area of skin.

For a new brand, this is an excellent product and will slot easily into your skincare regime – we’d recommend this for ages 35+, especially for those looking to improve dull skin and target sun spots for a healthier complexion.

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