Gatineau Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

A very popular eye make-up remover, especially for contact lens wearers, those with sensitive eyes and those who wear a lot of make-up.

Non-oily, so leaves the eye area refreshed and well cleansed without stickiness or greasiness. Most mascaras and eye colours are removed quickly and without trace. Some of the more stubborn waterproof mascaras take a little longer to remove, but if you gentle press the cotton wool pads soaked in Floracil over your eyes and wait a minute or so not only will you remove your mascara, but you’ll have fresh-feeling eyes!

Gatineau Floracil is available from:
Active Beauty
Beauty Expert

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One thought on “Gatineau Floracil Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

  1. i was disapointed with floracil. so many people raved about it but i prefer simple eye makeup remover. it removes much more makeup and it is much cheaper too!

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