Estée Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum

Estee Lauder Clear Difference
Estée Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum

Being prone to breakouts of spots and blemishes – typically through bad diet, too much alcohol (oops!) and hormones – I was pleased to receive a sample of Estée Lauder’s Clear Difference Blemish Control Serum.

I like a serum too, being able to add a little extra boost to your beauty regime when skin is struggling can make quite a difference.

The scent is a little Eau de Cleaning Fluid 😉  but not too nasty… and the texture is quite good, absorbing well into the skin – I wondered if it might feel dry, as so many blemish products tend to soak up oiliness, but this felt ok.

Over the week I did notice minor improvement in blemishes – existing ones started to diminish slightly quicker than I expected and I seemed to have less breakouts, especially along my jawline.

Sadly though, my skin was getting pinker and pinker as the week went on and one cheek started to become a little sore, so I had to stop using it for my skin to calm down.

If you have any sort of sensitivity or you’re prone to redness I would recommend avoiding this serum – it may ease your blemishes but I think it’ll bring other problems with it 🙁

£44 for 30ml, which will last you a while, but I’d recommend asking for a sample first.


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