Biore Pore Perfect Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes

Biore Pore Perfect Wipes
Biore Pore Perfect Wipes

Pre-moistened wipes are becoming so popular, but we often need convincing that they’ll do just as good a job as our cleansers and facial washes.

From these wipes we were looking for great cleansing and gentle exfoliation… initially we thought the wipes would be too astringent as it took a couple of days for skin to balance when using them, skin was oily initially, but after 2-3 days skin really started to glow and look fresh and healthy.

After a week there was a big difference, spots and blemishes were disappearing, blackheads hugely reduced and skin looked clearer and more radiant.

After each use skin is left refreshed and clean, no need for toner, but do ensure you follow with a moisturiser to avoid dryness.

Avoid the eyes with these – they will remove other make-up fantastically well, but unfortunately they are too harsh around the eyes.

The wipes themselves are strong enough and moist enough to only need one per application.

Overall an excellent choice for teenagers and those who suffer with clogged pores and dull or oily skin.

Great price too – £3.99 for a pack of 25.

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