Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser

UPDATE October 2020 – this product is no longer part of the Arbonne range, however a new cleanser for sensitive skin is available from their SuperCalm range.


With our editor recently becoming an Arbonne consultant as she loves the products so much, it’s time to raid her stash of testers!

Arbonne have a simple ‘Calm’ range, designed for senstive or unbalanced skin with the aim of getting your skin back on track.

The Gentle Daily Cleanser from the Calm range is exactly that, it’s a light clear gel which foams up nicely, cleanses well and is suitable for daily use, even for removing eye make-up.

It won’t necessarily wow you, but it will give you nice clean skin and so far hasn’t caused any irritation for our sensitive skin testers, some have reported less redness during the time they’ve used it.

Waterproof mascaras can prove a little too stubborn at times, so you may find you need an additional eye make-up remover.

You’ll also need to ensure you follow with a moisturiser as it can leave some skin types feeling a little on the dry side, though not stripped or sore.

At £17 for 148ml it’s a little on the pricey side, but after a couple of weeks it’s still not 80% used, so we think this’ll last a good 8-12 weeks… it looks pretty good in the bathroom too 😉

Available from Lisa’s Arbonne website

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