Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel

I have tried this product over the last couple of days, used first in the morning after cleansing. I was pleased to say that this was not a greasy product so it didn’t interfere with my makeup routine and sat under my foundation nicely. It was slightly tingly when applying but nothing that made me feel uncomfortable. My eyes felt much fresher after applying and seemed to look less baggy.

After applying at night time I didn’t see much improvement at morning time but then im allays a bit puffy in the morning.

Definitely worth a go though to use in the morning as it did make me feel as it had given me a bit of a perk up!

The whole anatomicals range can be found on their wacky website, its whole new young fresh range with no fancy jargon or writing, just straight to the point fun packaging.

Priced at: £3 for 15ml

Beauty Counter Direct

(Review by hunnybunn)

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One thought on “Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel

  1. For £3 we wondered what an eye gel could really deliver… it’s really not too bad actually!

    Very soothing and moisturising, like honeybunn we found it a nice morning gel, but for evening we found it wasn’t rich or moisturising enough.

    We haven’t noticed a decrease in bags over time, so we were disappointed given the product name, but it’s definitely a good instant ‘pick-me-up’ product for tired eyes.

    A good choice if you’re new to eye products or not wanting to fight fine lines and dark circles.

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