You may not have heard of simple human in beauty circles and that’s because they’re best known for kitchen and bathroom solutions, such as bins, recycling and laundry accessories.

With their launch of range of fantastic liquid hand soaps, we think of them as a cross between Brabantia and Method… yes, we know, very practical!!  But we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their products, in particular this Sensor Pump.

It’s elegant and sleek, a high quality and classy-looking gadget for the kitchen or bathroom… did we need a sensor pump for washing our hands? No, probably not, but now we have one we wouldn’t be without it…

It is surprising how grubby and grimy a traditional pump bottle  of hand wash can get, but that’s not the case with the simplehuman Sensor Pump – you simply hold your hand under the nozzle and the perfect amount of soap is dispensed into your hand.

It was easy to set up, inserting 2 AA batteries and following some straightforward set-up instructions, the pump was up and running in a couple of minutes.

It is very sturdy and stands elegantly beside the sink – it’s great for the kitchen which is where we keep ours, it’s great for cooks and for gardeners too.   It’s also great for the bathroom – no-touch hygienic products are such a popular choice at the moment to help prevent the spread of germs.

Initially we thought having a gadget like this was a bit of a gimmick, but through using it we really have seen the benefit, not least because of the ease of use and for cleanliness. It’s not cheap, but it certainly is worth investing in, especially for families – we found that little ones were encouraged to wash their hands, so it’s worth it just for that!

Along with the Sensor Pump is a range of soaps perfectly designed for the pump – the right consistency to ensure not only optimum cleansing, but to keep the nozzle flowing clearly and without clogging.

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