Soigné Botanique Nail Lacquer

Soigne Cerise Nail Lacquer
Soigne ‘Cerise’ Nail Lacquer

In our Birchbox this month was the most gorgeously-packaged nail lacquer from Soigné Botanique…

Sadly the packaging was the best part, that and the lovely Cerise shade – it really didn’t perform as well as we’d hoped 🙁

It took a couple of coats for a good colour, and that’s absolutely fine, but it didn’t dry very quickly at all and it smudged in a couple of places.

After a day it had easily chipped and it felt like it was wearing away far too quickly.

Looks beautiful on the dressing table, and might do one evening if you can relax and wait for it to dry perfectly (the finish without smudging is lovely and even).


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