Ciaté London Paint Pots - Mistress

I adore Ciaté, it’s as simple as that!

The Nail Polish, or Paint Pots as they’re known, are lovely elegant bottles of stunning colours.

One coat is often perfect for most shades, and the colour glides on so evenly.  They don’t dry quite as quickly as Nails Inc, but a little manicure quick dry oil or spray of your choice will help and won’t spoil the finish.

The unique bottle shape – slightly curved – make them easy to hold and manage the loading of the brush with polish.

Ciaté London Paint Pots - Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans

Pretty chip resistant, I had little trouble over a week, including train journeys and too much housework 😉  I did had a little extra to tips and then an extra coat to save me needing to remove the lot, but it was no real hassle.

All-in-all, just gorgeous!

Available online from Ciaté London (£9 for 13.5ml)

Some shades we’ve tried:
Mistress – an amazing bright glossy red, glamorous and seductive
Skinny Jeans – a solid glossy blue, not quite royal blue, but pretty bold!

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