Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo
Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo

Loving the principles behind the Weleda brand (including organic, sustainable and biodynamic agriculture), we were keen to try the Oat Replenishing Shampoo…

Sadly the experience didn’t live up to our wishes šŸ™

Packaging and scent-wise, no bother, but the first application didn’t lather at all and hair wasn’t that dirty… the secondĀ application lathered up a bit more and seemed to cleanse well (as we expected oats to do), but hair felt odd, even with a lot of rinsing. Ā Conditioner didn’t seem to take too well afterwards either, so the whole wash felt wrong – not unclean, just wrong!

Styling afterwards was fine, hair felt a bit thicker and my style was more defined and fuller in volume – this was good, but hair still didn’t feel right.

As for replenishing, hair didn’t feel as dry as usual, but it did feel stiffer… and weird!

So for around Ā£9 for 190ml… nah, not for us šŸ™

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