Argan oil is an extremely popular ingredient for hair care at the moment, with many brands concentrating on specific ranges to include it.

PurelyArgan concentrate on the oil itself, offering 2 products – the oil and a hair conditioner – at first we wondered what would be different with PurelyArgan compared to the other popular products, especially the heavily-marketed Moroccanoil.

We were in for a treat 🙂

We’ve been very impressed with PurelyArgan’s conditioner – a rich yet lightweight consistency that is easily absorbed onto the hair without any stickiness.

Admittedly it does have an odd scent – sort of soapy, and if we were choosing just on scent the Moroccanoil is slightly more favourable.  But scent wears off – it’s not *that* important against all the other necessities of a conditioner!

What we liked best of all about PurelyArgan was the ease with with hair could be styled and how it held its style.  We also found that we weren’t washing our hair as often, we could get away with an extra day if we needed to – this is in complete contrast to the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner which had most of us washing our hair more often.

Flyaway hair wasn’t weighed down at all, in fact it seemed much more under control – hair was still flyaway, perhaps a bit fluffy, but hair looked shinier, healthier and more natural.

After just one application, styling and a healthy look were obvious.  After a couple of weeks hair appears to be stronger with less breakage, even on hair that is subject to a lot of heat styling such as blow-drying and straighteners.

We also like to use it as a hair mask – slather it on once a week for 15-20 minutes (or while soaking in the bath) for a real treat 🙂

In addition to the argan oil, the ingredients also include Sea Buckthorn – a little-known natural ingredient that benefits the scalp, hair strength and shine.

All-in-all we are very impressed – it’s not a shouty, look-at-me type of product, but it is a good reliable staple that will give you results.

At £10 for 300ml, PurelyArgan’s Hair Conditioner is excellent value for money.

Buy direct from – they also offer a generous loyalty programme.

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2 thoughts on “PurelyArgan Hair Conditioner

  1. I do love my PurelyArgan conditioner (I have the handwash too)
    Only thing for me is I love the scent I wish I could have a fabric conditioner with the same scent its lovely 🙂

  2. I have been using the conditioner virtually since it hit the market, it really is as good as you say. Let’s hope that PurelyArgan gets the success it deserves.

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