Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Breakage Defence Shampoo

Well we can’t argue with price on Pantene products, but do they really do a good enough job? Breakage Defence and all its science seems like it should come with a much bigger price tag.

Overall, the longer term results from this shampoo are good – hair certainly seems stronger and, for some, thicker, so it certainly does what it says it should.

This is quite a thick ‘sticky’ shampoo, by which we mean we found it quite difficult to rinse out fully, which meant we either found we were leaving too much residue on our hair, leading to a flaky or itchy scalp (a bad reaction for one tester led to sore patches), or we were spending much longer washing our hair through which some of us found a bit frustrating.

For some the shampoo was too rich, it left hair greasier quicker, meaning hair had to be washed more often. For those who wash their hair everyday this wasn’t too bad, but it was inconvenient for those who wash their hair every 2-3 days.

Overall, if you have very damaged hair this is worth a try, but please do a patch test first and be prepared to spend more time rinsing, and possibly washing, our hair.

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