John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo

Fine hair always struggles for a decent shampoo – John Frieda have recently launched their Luxurious Volume range, aimed at making fine hair feel fuller and softer, rather than limp or greasy-looking as can happen with many formulations.

This shampoo is clear and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy as you lather – it cleanses well without stripping the hair’s natural oils, but equally leaves hair feeling very clean.  Usually I wash my hair every other day, but while using Touchably Full shampoo I could just about get away with every third day.

Hair is softer and swishier, and though some tests found hair got “a bit too fluffy”, it was comments from other people wondering if I’d had a haircut and saying how nice my hair looked that really got me thinking!

As a heavy user of my hairdryer and straighteners I tend to favour John Frieda’s Full Repair range as it gives my hair plenty of help and it holds my style it well.  The Luxurious Volume range does not hold style so well, but hair does feel much softer and more natural – it doesn’t upset colour-treated hair either.

I probably wouldn’t choose this as my number 1 shampoo as I prefer something that doesn’t lose my styling, but it’s definitely one I’d choose if I wanted to give my hair a break from heavier products, or if I was going for a softer style.

John Frieda wanted us to be shouting “finally love my fine hair“… we were a little cynical to start with, but you know what… yeah, we may just love our hair a little bit more now!

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