Clairol Nice’n Easy Non-Permanent

Nice’n Easy truly is an easy product to use. It’s as simple as popping on some gloves, pouring one liquid into another, giving it a shake and then applying it!

We tried the non-permanent version which, the packaging claims, lasts up to 24 washes. We estimated 12-15 washes, so that was a disappointment, but the non-permanent does allow you to experiment or even out hair colour without worrying about growing out the colour.

A strand test is recommended, but some of us just went for it! It’s easy to apply and plenty of mixture even for long hair. Gloves are provided and we recommend using them, but the mixture washes off skin quite well, so no worries there – do be careful of getting the mixture on clothes though.

You must rinse your hair well afterwards, but it’s easy to tell – you need the water to be running clear.

A rich conditioner is provided – do use it! Not only does it nourish hair after colouring, but it keep colour looking good and hair looking shiny.

Colour, if you choose the right shade for your skin tone, looks very natural, not at all flat like some hair colourants.

All in all, from application to rinsing and styling, allow approx 45 minutes, or a bit longer if you’re new to colouring.


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