Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly

I have the biggest hair ever. And its thick, and long, and curly. This means that since being a teenager if I have had my hair cut too short I look like a have a triangular poodle on my head. However, this product not only smooths my curls down into calm waves and ringlets, it also softens my hair. A lot of styling products make hair very hard and even sticky, but Umberto Giannini keeps your hair feeling natural, but stops it being a state.

The packaging is very bright; a lovely hot pink and its style very simple, kind of the opposite on what hair the product is designed for. It’s a simple tube which you just squeeze, and for the price you get a lot of ‘jelly’.

On the packaging it says, ‘Long lasting curl creator for defined sassy smooth curls.’ It sounds customer friendly because it doesn’t make you feel your fighting your hair, rather embracing it.

It also smells quite sweet so it doesn’t make your hair smell harsh like some hair sprays do, and is quite subtle. It looks like a normal gel, and is see through. Although it doesn’t make your hair sticky, it does leave your hands feeling like they have glue on them, so I advise you to wash your hands after, but I think thats the only downfall.

Curl Friends also has the option of a smaller, travel size package which is perfect for your handbag, but also you can you buy the smaller (and cheaper) option to find if it works for you hair as a kind of tester.

My hair as I said is curly, frizzy and quite thick, but I only need 2 small squeezes of ‘scrunching jelly’. I buy Umberto Giannini from Boots as they have many good offers usually on the product range. Curl Friends comes with matching shampoo, conditioner, quick fix spray, moose etc. Therefore you have many options to pick and choose, and the brand branches into products for straight hair, coloured hair and more.

I would recommend this to anyone who has curly hair, and for less than a fiver, its definitely worth investing.

(reviews by larissa19)

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