We were really excited to try out Travalo after overhearing someone raving about it in a cafe.  It’s not often that you hear someone sing the praises of a perfume bottle!

By design perfume atomisers are usually fiddly and messy to fill, especially if you have spray fragrances which, let’s face it, is the norm these days. Travalo is totally different – super quick and easy to use, it fills in seconds! It is fantastic and wowed us much more than we thought…

How to fill your Travalo
Filling the Travalo was sooooo easy…

To fill you simply take off the spray top of your fragrance, so that just the little white tube is sticking out, then gently press the bottom of the Travalo onto it and press it up and down a few times – there is a window on the side of the Travalo so you can see how full it is. That’s it. Done!

What? No little plastic funnel to lose? Nope… easy peasy!

Perhaps we’re gushing too much?! But we really do love it… we tried so hard to spill it, have it leak, anything! We couldn’t fault it, it’s just great 🙂

It holds up to 5ml which is approximately 65 sprays… plenty to last a holiday.

This is the perfect little gift or stocking filler for all girls and an absolute must for travel and your handbag – it comes in a rainbow of colours (we love the purple!). We think even some guys might like it too.

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3 thoughts on “Travalo Fragrance Atomiser

  1. I love to have an atomiser in my handbag, but I rarely used my old one because I couldn’t be bothered to faff about filling it. The Travalo is great because it’s so easy to fill and quick too.

  2. I love my 2 mini travalos in purple and pink – I keep a different perfume in each one for day and night! Very neat.

  3. I really like the idea, but have had two that broke within a month so I’m not that impressed with quality 🙁

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