Rituals… No. 01 Ginger Essence & White Tea Eau de Parfum

Rituals... White Tea and Ginger Eau de Parfum
Rituals… White Tea and Ginger Eau de Parfum

I’ve had this perfume from Rituals… for a couple of years, in a refill travel atomiser which was such a handy size – sadly the refill sizes are no more and I’m not all that fussed on the new packaging, though it is fairly elegant.

The fragrance, however, is still wonderful and one of my favourites – it is quite fresh and clean with warming spice, I find it an excellent comforting scent.

I tend to wear this in Autumn and Winter, but if I need a cosy day I’ll reach for it year-round.

There are some citrus and floral notes, but it’s not too heady and not at all sugary.

£39 for 50ml from Rituals…

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