Rituals… Magic Touch Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Ultra Rich, Whipped Body Cream

Whoa… there’s a long product name!

We’ve recently come across Rituals after wandering into the Leicester shop and spending ages in there sniffing all the lovely scents and chatting with the friendly staff.

The Magic Touch Body Cream was a sample they gave us and we hankered for more!

It is a thick cream – whipped is definitely a good description! – and while it is super-rich, it glides on to skin and absorbs quickly as it massages in so easily.  Those with dry skin found it best to apply in layers to get the moisturisation they wanted, rather than dollop loads on at once!  Those with normal or oily skin didn’t need to use much at all, making this an economical treat for skin.

Being scented we weren’t sure how well it would react to sensitive skin, but all our testers found the product good and comfortable on their skin.

All testers felt the cream left their skin smooth, soft and healthy-looking.

The scent is a pretty fruity-floral and the fragrance lingers most of the day – if you don’t like perfumed body lotions this may not be for you, but otherwise this is definitely worth buying.

Available from:
John Lewis

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One thought on “Rituals… Magic Touch Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Ultra Rich, Whipped Body Cream

  1. Absolutely beautiful product. Thick but glides on and sinks in quickly. Fragrance is long lasting but not overpowering. Highly recommend this cream.

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