Philosophy The Gingerbread Man Body Souffle

We had mixed feelings about this product….

Firstly, Gingerbread. What Gingerbread? We were expecting this to be that lovely warm gingerbread fragrance – not in the slightest I’m afraid. Instead it’s a very fresh smell – a hint of lemon, but not quite, it’s difficult to quite work out what it smells like.

After we got over the fact that this isn’t gingerbread – “it’s just the colour that’s gingerbread, get over it” – we actually tried it out!

It is slightly sticky when you apply it – it doesn’t absorb quickly, but it does apply evenly. If you can wait a few minutes after application it will leave skin feeling ok – just ok mind you, not fabulous.

The bit we liked most about this product was the shimmer – probably no point for the palest of skins, but it will give a nice subtle shimmer. The darker your skin the better the shimmer seems to be – always subtle though so don’t expect sparkles galore.

Let us know if you stock this product!

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