Campos de Ibiza Almond Moisturizing Body Milk

Campos de Ibiza Almond Body Milk
Campos de Ibiza Almond (Blossom!) Body Milk

We’ve tried a few samples from the Campos de Ibiza range – we love the branding and the very idea of wonderful products that conjure up thoughts of sunshine and beaches, but we’re yet to be wowed.

The Almond Body Milk was one we thought we could count on, but we were a little disappointed.

The scent was odd… from the packaging we expected a nice light milky-nutty scent, which it has undertones of, but you’re hit with a heady floral – we later realised from reading the website that this is actually an Almond Blossom Body Milk, so that explains it 😉

It is a good milk texture, but it does absorb that quickly or easily and you can’t get dressed straightaway as skin stays a bit greasy for a while.

On the plus-side, once it had settled, it really does leave skin feeling soft and looking healthy.

So, if you don’t mind the scent and can wait 20 minutes before dressing or sitting anywhere, it’s good!

Available from Campos de Ibiza

Contains parabens.

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