Of course anyone with wobbly bits would be attracted to a product called fatgirlslim, but some of us were unsure – we’ve tried many cellulite creams and shaping products, so will it REALLY work?

The texture is a gel-cream which glides on and is well absorbed – massaging in for at least 20-30 seconds is recommended. If your skin is dry you may find you’re using more than expected as it absorbs so quickly. Our tester with particularly dry skin (using twice a day) found she got through half a pot in 14 days.

The smell is not too bad for a cellulite product – it’s a little strong on application but it doesn’t linger for too long.

Common areas of application for our testers are: upper arms, thighs, bottom, stomach and back.

fatgirlslim is a ‘commitment’ – it’s a twice-a-day application if you truly want to see results. Some of us have been using it once a day, others twice a day and some are just forgetful (apparently!).

Those using it twice a day saw an improvement within 7 days – skin looks and feels smoother and some felt that dimpley thighs were less dimpley. After 14 days there was even more improvement. For those using it once a day they still noticed the same improvements, but not so quickly. And our forgetful tester still found a small improvement and is continuing with the treatment.

After 6 weeks everyone has seen a difference – the testers using this twice daily with the odd forgetful moment have found the biggest improvement – while some dimples still remain they are barely visible and skin tone is much improved. Some saw a reduction in thigh size of just under 1cm. Could we keep using this longer term? Yes, but we did get through a lot of the product – our testers who were using it twice a day are now going to use it once a day to see whether that maintains current results.

The testers using it once a day for 6 weeks also saw improved skin tone, but not as much of a reduction in dimples – so if dimples are a problem go for twice a day. Upper arms saw good improvements when using once a day – skin tone was the biggest difference, but many also saw a reduction in size of arms too.

Overall it was felt this was one of the better products on the market for cellulite and skintone, but the downside is you can potentially get through just over a tub in a month, especially if you have dry skin.

Some testers are also using The Love Handler in addition to this product.

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