Bamford Body Organic Body Cream – Rosemary with Lemon & Cedar

The Bamford Body range was completely new to us, it was great to be able to try their products with a completely open mind…

The packaging is stylish and clean, a great design for luxury organic products and they look great in the bathroom!

The body cream is thick but not greasy or gloopy – the clever blend of shea butter and jojoba oil make it smooth and surprisingly easy to apply.  Skin is left feeling nourished and gives a healthy appearance.  It absorbs quickly despite being one of the thicker body creams we’ve tried and you can get dressed quite soon after application without worrying about greasy marks on your skin.

After several hours skin still feels soft and healthy, after several days we noticed much improvement in skin tone and ‘comfort’ – dry patches were no longer appearing and use of the cream could be reduced to every other day.

The Rosemary, Lemon and Cedar scent is quite strong, but certainly not unpleasant given the essential oils (not synthetic fragrances) that are used – it’s a scent that our male reviewer was more than happy to try too!

This also works brilliantly as a foot cream and our main reviewer believes this has helped improve poor circulation in her feet: “Since using Bamford’s Rosemary Body Cream I have noticed an improvement not only in skin tome, but also improved circulation in my lower legs and feet – I’m sure it’s the cream as I’ve changed nothing else in my routine.”

What can we say? We love it!

This is a great buy for those of you who love your luxury or eco-friendly brands, or for those wanting more from a body cream than a bit of hydration – you really will see an improvement to your skin – at £33 we know this won’t be an everyday option for many of you, but if you have trouble spots you may find this a good choice as a special treatment cream.

Available from (£33)

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3 thoughts on “Bamford Body Organic Body Cream – Rosemary with Lemon & Cedar

  1. It goes to show that organic, natural beauty products like this are just as effective as anything else on the market.

  2. I really like this and keep coming back to it when my skin gets really rubbish, especially on my legs. Only downside for me is that I’m not keen on the fragrance which lingers forever! But it doesn’t put me off using it 🙂

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