Avon Skin-So-Soft Gelled Body Oil

We were really impressed by this, so much so that some of us re-ordered before we finished the tube!

Light, cool and silky. It absorbs into the skin so well, it’s not sticky (though a little drying time is recommended – not long though) and skin is left so smooth and soft. Especially good on legs which stay smooth and silky-feeling all day.

The scent is ‘Soft & Sensual’ – a delicate feminine fragrance, great for layering with most floral perfumes. The scent isn’t strong, so don’t be put off if you don’t like floral fragrances. We are hoping they’ll do this in the ‘Soft & Fresh’ fragrance too!

Discontinued by Avon in 2007 shortly after our original review it is came back to the range in 2009, but sadly it’s discontinued once again – a real shame!

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4 thoughts on “Avon Skin-So-Soft Gelled Body Oil

  1. I am so pleased they’ve brought this back… it’s fantastic – absorbs easily, isn’t sticky and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. Disappointed they only do the Soft & Sensual fragrance, but it’s quite lightly perfumed, so not too bad really.

  2. I love this but coming to the end of my stash. I can not find it on the avon website, have they stopped doing it again?

  3. Hi
    was this available in the UK? I dont remember seeing it, I usually buy the body oil which is really good but I would love to have tried the Gel.

    1. Hi Paula, yes it was available in the UK, but it’s been discontinued again 🙁 There is a gelled body oil in the Mineral Gems range, but it’s got a lot of shimmer in it which many people don’t like as much.

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