‘Morning Coffee’ is the first of Betty Buff’s sugar scrubs that we’ve tried and we weren’t disappointed!

Nice big 250ml tubs of natural ingredients – perfect for sensitive or allergy-prone skin as Betty Buff products are completely free from colours, fragrance and strange ingredients we can’t spell let alone pronounce! Made in the UK too and with a commitment to buying British and Fairtrade.

Easy to apply – simply scoop out of the jar and rub on to damp skin: the more water you use the smoother the scrub will be, for a really intense scrub use less water. Rinse off when you’re done. No matter how intense you get there’s no redness as you get with some of the grittier scrubs – if there is, go slower and calmer!

Morning Coffee left skin feeling lovely and smooth – it’s perfectly balanced and doesn’t dry skin out like some scrubs and it’s not greasy like others where the goodness swims in so much oil that you have to wash it all off rather than rinse.

This scrub is ideal for preparing your skin for summer and for fake tan.

It was also a success with our male tester – he liked the coffee edge and was impressed that ‘real beans are in it!’.


March 2013: Since reviewing Betty Buff’s Sugar Scrub, we’re sad to hear that Betty Buff has ceased trading.

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