Too much make-up?

This morning I was drawn to my Nars Day & Night Eyeshadow Palette – just a little of the minty turquoise (Cleo) I thought, but I didn’t stop…

Very soon I’d added the lovely slate blue (Underworld) – which is so hard to resist – and then decided a bit more to line the eyes using Night Breed, because, let’s face it, there is not enough glitter in the world!  Oh, and then as a highlighter I went for Sugarland… lovely, lovely apricot shimmer 🙂

So there I was trotting off to the market with eyes all sultry and smoky, far too much for a September morning buying fruit and veg!

I did try (honest!) to soften the look with Elizabeth Arden’s Pink Shimmer Lipstick, but then the Benefit Hoola came out, not to mention the Avon Super Shock Mascara… oops!

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  1. How true! Love the minty turquoise colour.
    I’d use a bit of black eyeliner, add the turquoise and then add lots of the lighter nude/apricot colour on top of the turquoise to soften the colour for a more wearable Spring look.


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