The Bliss Challenge – 8 weeks later!

So I have been using the Bliss fatgirlslim and The Love Handler for exactly 8 weeks now.

I used the fatgirlslim on my stomach, hips, thighs and upper arms. I used The Love Handler under the fatgirlslim on just my stomach. I used both most days – twice a day for fatgirlslim and once a day for The Love Handler.

I changed nothing regarding exercise or my diet – so pretty much no exercise and eating whatever!!

Even from week 1 I was seeing improvements in skintone and after week 2 dimples on my thighs started to smooth out. After 8 weeks I’ve been very impressed, especially on my thighs which are so much smoother now. My upper arms are also much firmer-looking and again much smoother. This alone is good enoughfor me! But I was also testing whether I could lose inches too.

So to my measurements…

My measurements after 8 weeks:
Waist: 30″ (loss of 2 inches)
Widest part of stomach (eek!): 37.75″ (loss of 0.25″)
Hips: 38.5″ (loss of 0.25″)
Left thigh: 21″ (loss of 0.5″)
Right thigh: 19.75″ (loss of 1.25″)
Left upper arm: 10.75″ (no loss)
Right upper arm: 11″ (loss of 0.75″)

Well, I think that’s what we’d call success!!

fatgirlslim is available from Bliss

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