FitFlop Sneakers - Sporty Blue
FitFlop Super T Sneakers – Sporty Blue

I’ve been a fan of FitFlop for a while, having had several pairs of their sandals and ballerinas, so when it came to finding a pair of lighweight plimsoll-like shoes for my holiday, I was delighted to find that FitFlop had exactly what I was looking for.

I knew we’d be doing a lot of walking about in towns and cities, plus a few countryside areas too, so my usual shiny patent flats weren’t going to cut it, my walking boots were overkill and I will never wear trainers beyond the gym!

I chose the Canvas Sporty Blue pair – mainly because the navy blue pair I desperately wanted had sold out everywhere in my size 🙁

The canvas is thick and sturdy – unfortunately I did get a bit of a blister at the back of my heel the first time I wore them, but I knew this was my fault because I hadn’t had chance to wear them before spending a whole day in them and because I had awful socks that day too.  Still, it was nothing my Germolene Liquid Plaster couldn’t resolve and for the rest of the week I had no problems at all.

I found them incredibly comfortable aside from my silly blister and they’re my first choice if I’m going to be walking even a short distance.

FitFlop offer comfortable, ergonomic, everyday styles through their Micro-wobbleboard and Biomimetrix technology, I have noticed my legs are less achy and tense as a result of wearing better shoes.

I also notice I walk better posture-wise when wearing them, I’m not sure if that’s a sub-conscious thing or whether the Micro-wobbleboard and Biomimetix technology FitFlop have is what’s doing it, but it’s a benefit all the same!

Ultimately FitFlop offer ‘comfortable’ shoes and sometimes I don’t find them to be fashionable or elegant enough for me – I love my heels! But for casual flats and plimsolls I’d have to say FitFlop would be my number 1 choice right now.

All I have done is walk a little further than usual (13,000 steps – about 25-30% further than my average day according to my Fitbit) and swapped my ordinary flats for FitFlop sneakers and I feel better and walk better than I have done ever before.

Visit for their full range of sandals, sneakers, boots, ballerinas and more.

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